This is an original iconic corner linen basket produced by Lloyd Loom. Before 1940 in Britain this was practically a standard item on any wedding list. The corner linen basket fits discreetly in a bedroom or bathroom and has a lid that opens to a side position. Inside you will see the 1950s Lloyd Loom Lusty Product celluloid label. Its popularity is shown by the fact that the corner linen basket is still in production today and you can order new liners for it for £20 from them.

The basket is in its natural state, not having been painted and is No. 22 Pink Beige on Llloyd Loom Lusty's colour chart.

The quality of the basket is shown in that it has stood the test of time. It just has a slight small break in the woven fibre on the lid (please see photos).

Vintage Lloyd Loom Linen Basket

    • Height: 53 centimetres
    • Width: 35 centimetres
    • Depth: 35 centimetres
  • Free collection from Cartmel.

    Courier £20.00