This is a handsome authentic versatile valet stand made from solid wood. It was made by highly respected Corby Of Windsor in the early 1900s and their gold and black manufacturer's stamp is marked on the front of the stand. Although originally intended for men's suits and accessories - (with a cuff-link and coin holder) as seen in the popular TV programme "DowntonAbbey"; its versatility ensures that it can be used by women too. The wooden 'hanger' can hold coats, jackets, shirts and blouses; the wooden arm that opens out can be used for trousers, skirts or jeans and the metal pull out arms could hold ties, belts, scarves and jewellery. Rings and earrings can also be held in the coin and cuff-link tray (which has a non-slip resin coating). So much neater than throwing everything over a chair. It would also make a great shop display stand.

Versatile Valet Clothes Stand By Corby Of Windsor