A beautiful blue enamel, Art Nouveau style, log burning stove, made in the Ardennes mountains by Faure Revin over 80 years ago. For many years it has made its home in a Lake District workshop. To prepare for its new home:

  • Our local blacksmith has made a new grate for the stove.
  • Has welded the underside of the small crack in the top of the stove.
  • Tightened and freed the retaining bolts for the glazed door.
  • Welded 3 new bolts onto the door grill that keeps the mica in place.
  • A new mica sheet has been installed.
  • All the rope seal has been replaced.

As you can see from the photographs the stove is in full working order and the stove flue outlet is attached to the back of the stove. It will require a stove flue pipe adapter to connect the stove to a standard UK stove pipe.  There are several antique stove websites than give information on installing stoves.

The stove is acutally a multi-fuel burner but the new grate will last indefinitely if it is used as a wood burner, it may have a shorter life if coal is used as coal burns at a hotter temperature. The firebox is in a good order.  There are a couple of small cracks on the outside of the stove at the side but these don't affect the working of the stove. The enamel above the door is chipped but only as you would expect for an antique stove.  I have taken detailed photos so that you can see all angles of the stove.

I love this stove, if you would like to buy it please buy it quickly before I get too attached to it!



Laura the Log Burning Stove

  • W 47cm  H 66cm  D 39cm

  • £65.00

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