This is a wonderful kitchen cupboard that for small spaces would be a kitchen storage space in itself or for a larger kitchen would be the perfect storage space for bread and cake making ingredients.

It would also bring a wonderful piece of history to your home as this Easiwork cupboard was made in 1924 and was the first step towards fitted kitchens.  As you can see from the black and white photo this model is the deluxe version and would be found in mansion houses as oppposed to the average suburban home.


It is in good condition for its age and is made from oak wood with chrome handles and tin accessories. Two of the drawers in the bottom cabinet are lined in tin and the base of the cabinet is also tin lined. There is  a wooden shelf that slides out and a cutlery drawer (the green felt lining is quite worn). The worktop is enamel and pulls out to give you more working space when needed. The centre-piece is the flour sifter in the top cupboard, which also slides out to enable it to be filled and the turning handle at the bottom allows the flour to come through sifted or unsifted. The recipes, list of ingredients and measures have survived 98 years and are a history lesson in what food was eaten in the 1920s. Some of the tins have their original labels on them - they have been well used as some of the enamel has worn off them - the tea tin being the most popular with no enamel left on it! The original glass jars have stayed in tact and there is an addition of a Horlicks jar.


This is a real characterful and practical cupboard for a kitchen and has such a story to tell that a copy of this can be found in Enfield Museum and was highlighted in the Museum of Domestic & Architecture Exhibition.


Easiwork 1920's Multipurpose Kitchen Cupboard

  • W: 110cm

    D: 65cm

    H: 201cm

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